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Has it been a week since I last blogged?

Last week just seemed to fly by and the weekend ended up being particularly busy.

On Saturday I had the Blog Design Workshop.

Many thanks to Jane in Shaylyn for the idea and the space … and much thanks to Laura on Saturday for all your help setting up.

We had the usual technical hitches setting up and had to change rooms … this all happened before the participants showed up … so it looked like all was perfectly organised.

This was my first blog design workshop and I wondered if I’d get through all the material … I did … and everyone left with a newly designed blog.

I really enjoyed it and I’ll let Pam (another blogger , friend and participant at the workshop) tell you what she thought of it all.

There’s Paul (Pams husband) and me chatting before the workshop started.

It was a wonderful relaxed and informative workshop -with Liz teaching us how to blog via WordPress.com (yeah, I know I can already blog via Typepad but I needed one that is free to use for work and Paul knew nothing!)

We were joined by father and son team – Phil and Dennis,  from the new Kidscafé Youth Centre, Ballinamore, and we all learned how to set up (and indeed we did set up) a blog each! Liz is a deadly teacher and made it all so easy and answered all our questions. Well done Liz and thanks for a super afternoon. We learned loads and will be sharing it all with our students come September. Thank you!

On Sunday I was up at 8am and took Coco for a walk … she saw 2 sheep loose and ran to say hello … much to their delight … not!

I called her back … and she came … good Coco.

I was relaxing in the afternoon reading the papers when my good friend Anna Legge dropped over and said she was taking me to lunch at the Mountain Tavern … past Aughnashellin … yup … up the  mountain.


I laughed because every time Anna has me in the car and we go to the Tavern for food … it’s been shut.

I actually refused to get out of the car when we got there … and told Anna that it would be shut.

She said ‘wanna bet?’

‘Sure’ says I ‘ A million euro’

So … now I owe an extra million euro to my expenses!


We had a lovely lunch … all organic and I’m pretty sure all the vegetables and salad are from their polytunnel next to the tavern.

After lunch Anna decided it was time for one of her Mystery Drives along the back roads of Leitrim.


I love them as we end up seeing places and landscape that I’ve never seen before … and this drive was no exception.

We stopped at the waterfall and it was running very fast for the summer … but then we have had some big rain.


It is always beautiful.

Here are some shots … can’t you just imagine yourself relaxing there?







Anna then took us to a pub that still has its front grocery shop … it was in Ballinagleara  … and we stopped to read more papers.


We then spent hours wandering the back roads … getting to dead ends … reversing back on tiny roads so tractors could get by … trying to herd a donkey …

Yes … you heard right.


these are the safe … off the road donkeys


we obviously needed Mags … animal whisperer … along

We came across a donkey that had escaped it’s grazing … I tried to coax it back … but it ignored me completely.

As we went higher the views just make you so happy.


We ended up at another waterfall …



yes folks … we travelled the country side


…. and I was interested to see the turf cut and stacked on the mountain.



Anna dropped me home at 9pm … a lovely day thanks Anna.

At 11.30pm that night I was interviewed by Paul (on 1105-107FM in Dublin).

Marie Bradley had mentioned me to Paul as an interesting person to interview … thanks Marie.

We had a lovely chat for about 20 minutes about:

  • Life Dreaming … the free workbook … and the whole package that Marc and I are developing to launch in late 2009
  • LizBiz and blogging … I raved about how much I love living in Ballinamore and Leitrim … and how I have so many lovely readers all over the world … thanks folks.
  • Why I came to Ireland
  • Surviving and thriving in the recession … I told him about how I’m bartering my skills and time for things like massage (thanks Marie you are the best masseur) and coal and stuff. I also said that with my consultancy business being so badly affected … I was really taking time to look at all my skills and how they might make money … more on that later.

It was great fun … I had let people know fairly late on Facebook that I was doing the interview … and Derek and Lynda streamed it live in America ... gotta love social media folks.

Surviving and thriving in the recession

It’s a challenge ... no doubt about it.

And an opportunity.


Friends have been great at helping me brainstorm a pile of ideas:

  • I’m available to babysit over the summer period … particularly the Festival. You know I love kids … and even better … they like me. Ring me on 9645443 if you want me to sit on your children!
  • I’m going to see if I can do some more Blog Design workshops in Carrick and Dublin.
  • Sending some information to the Cavan and Leitrim VEC’s about the training I do
  • Developing a Training Info Pack and sending it to some national charities
  • Still sending in tenders for work … I have 2 or 3 to do this week
  • Have applied for social welfare while money from the consultancy is non existent
  • Can develop peoples resumes and help them name and define their skills
  • Will develop and design a blog for a family, business or community group/club
  • Can walk dogs … or maybe they walk me!
  • Continuing to develop Life Dreaming and SKIL2 with Marc ... that will have long term payoff
  • Can teach swimming … I used to teach swimming for people aged between 4 and 60+ … I can also help ‘fix’ people swimming styles so it’s easier to move through the water.
  • Still available to barter my skills and time for … other skills and products
  • If you’re a business then I can help streamline work processes and help you think strategically about the future.

Not a bad list off the top of my head.

See … what I ‘ve realised is that it’s easy to get into a rutto only see yourself in a certain way.

Not having contracts for my consultancy has forced me (because it’s often external circumstances that start change in our lives) to relook at myself and what I can offer … and … it’s starting to be fun to think of new ways of earning money.

My Dad said to me many many years ago when I was a girl

‘ I don’t really care what work you choose to do … as long as you do the best you can. If you want to be a hole digger … then dig the best hole’

He’s a wise man is my Pa.

Every job I’ve every had … from cleaning peoples houses … to tending bars … to developing a major training plan for St Vincent de Paul Ireland … I’ve given it my best … and always enjoyed the people in the process.

Now … the bills and debts haven’t gone away … they are actually growing.

What I know is this … I am doing everything within my power to earn money and reduce expenses … and stay happy and content in the process.


All the things that are outside my power … I give up to the Universe … or the deity of your choosing.

In the Life Dreaming Treasure Chest that Marc and I are designing … I have created a Resource Wheel … which is pretty darn useful to me at the moment.

I took it out yesterday and had a look at what I was using and what I needed to draw on … was very pleased to se how many internal and external resources I was using … I really do use all the tools I create for Life Dreaming.

It acted as a kind of checklist … just in case I had missed anything.


what you see when you look at things differently

So this week I keep developing ideas and ways to earn money as well as spend time with friends … write this blog … and walk Coco.

I send you big wishes for abundance and prosperity this week.





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It’s just after 2pm and I’m very pleased with myself.

I started the week by making a list and have moved a few steps forward.


Walked Coco for an hour before it started raining … the thunder over the weekend was fantastic … Coco has never heard thunder and she barked at it … then  ignored it.

She had a great run and wandered around as usual sniffing and searching things out.


I just stood still and enjoyed the morning … and starting making a mental list of Things To Do.

Last week I spent time totally decluttering, tidying and rearranging my lounge … kitchen and bathroom … all looking fab.

And where does all the stuff that’s not rubbish go?

Into the room that hasn’t been tidied … the office.

So … there I was at the end of last week trying to do work in a totally disordered mess in the office … yup … counterproductive.

After bringing Coco home … and stopping in to say welcome back to Dee in the Forge … and admiring my posters for my Blog Design Workshop around town … I tackled the office.


You know that before a room gets lovely … it has to get worse.

3 hours later … 3 garbage bags later … lots of sweeping and swearing later … it all looks fab.



Coco is delighted because her chair is now right next to me … some days I’d just love to swap with the dog … she can do the work … and I’ll fall asleep in the chair.

I  sent off some info on the Blog Design Workshop to our local contact for community news in our Leitrim newspapers … thanks Monica for your help.

Thanks also to Johnny in the Leitrim Business Network who is sending the information to all the businesses in the network … and to all my readers who sent copies on to friends.

Many thanks to Shaylyn … and particularly Laura … who have given me the space (for a barter of my IT skills) and helped me with promotion and printing.

I have 2 bookings all paid for … and hope to have a few more before the end of the week.

Maybe someone from the newly formed Youth Club would like to come along and learn how to do a blogsite for their organisation.

Happy birthday to Marie Bradley … she has lots of good wishers on her Facebook site. Hope there’s champagne involved somewhere Marie.

And … Sharon Sweeney has some great new photos up of her cake creations … they just get better and better Sharon.

You can also see her creations and check out her blog at her website.

And … if you’re very lucky … like me … you get to be one of her official tasters of her new chocs and cupcakes … mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Thanks Sharon for mentioning my Blog Design Workshop on your site blog.

Off now in the rain to the library and then some reading … gotta balance the working and tidying.

Hope your day has gone well.



p.s. I am completely in love with Skype video … on Friday I got to talk with Lynda and Derek in Athens Georgia for nearly 3 hours FREE.


that’s them at their farewell party here in Ballinamore

The only thing that cost money was the wine and crisps … we decided to have an after work party across 2 continents!

Great fun and soooo lovely to see (and hear) them both … got to see Indi cat and Mia cat (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mags Patsy cat).

My Pa has taken to Skype like a duck to the proverbial.

He tried ringing me at 7.30am this morning … good luck with that one Dad!

When I went online at 8am I saw that he had tried to ring and hoped that all was well … why is it we always think the worst when we get early morning calls … I never think ”someone must be ringing with good news’.

I knew he had probably turned the computer off so I did the old fashioned thing and rang him on the telephone.

I think the way we’ll organise our calls is to ring each other and then Skype … yeh yeh … sounds silly … but I have no problem using every form of media to communicate with the people I love.

Did I tell you how much I LOVE having vidcam calls with my family and friends … LOVE it to bits.


And here is the hand drawn design architecture that I have developed (and refined with the great help of the Depaul SKIL2 Test Team) for the online SKIL2 learning space.

Yup … all I have to do is build it now … my fear factor is off the richtor scale … and … I have support from some great design (Marc) and technical (Amy and others) people.

Still … it’s pretty scarey seeing if I can move the idea to a reality.

Developed an info pack about SKIL2 last week that I will post here when Marc has the time to do his usual design genius.


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I was having a wander through all the blogs and sites that I RSS to my iGoogle … yeh yeh … more geek stuff.

I came across this guys post of the 10 top small natural build homes and thought you’d enjoy a gander.

Teen tiny places.

This one is my favourite and very famous in natural and small building circles. I call it the hobbit house.

I’ve had a lovely week talking to family and friends on vidcam Skype:

  • my brother Marc in Singapore
  • my Dad in Perth WA
  • my friend Mary in Oz … I’ve worked out what the vid cam problem was and sorted it Mary
  • my friend Pat in Boston … she and her partner Becky are flying me to Boston in late September so I can help them build their straw bale home with professionals … they may then fly me back in November for the natural plastering work. Great experience … and I’ve volunteered to be the celebration coordinator.

And tomorrow evening I’ll be catching up with Derek and Lynda via video and Skype … all for free.

Weather here really humid and muggy … makes you want to fall asleep … which I do!

I’m getting some responses to my Build Your Own Blogsite workshop on July 11.


If you have any ideas on how I can promote it … please leave a comment.

I’ll be doing all the usual emailing and postering and chatting with people … might see if there are any other local blogs or sites that would promote it.



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This time last week was quite a busy day.

I went to the Boys School to watch them raise their Green Flag … for green projects they had been doing over 2 years in the school.

And I went with Maeve Hamill to the opening of the photographic exhibition in the Solas Gallery down the street.

I took lots of photos and only got them uploaded and resized last night … I seem to have spent the week cleaning my cottage.

My visit to the Boys School was a delight.

There were a lot of parents and friends looking at a craft project that one of the classes had done.




They worked with the lady that runs a bear workshop … you get to make bears.

I loved the fact that the boys got to learning sewing and the results were really great.

I particularly liked the friendship bears.



Here’s Thomas showing me the bear he made.



After a good look around we were ushered out to the yard to see the raising of the Green Flag.




One young man welcomed us all to the school and told us a bit about the hard work they had put in to get the flag.


All the boys then sang a song that one of the teachers had helped them write.




Then we watched as the flag was raised.


Everyone clapped.



I went in and took some photos of the projects they had done.



And then it was time for a barbcue provided by Niall Gallogly.

Here’s his van.


Niall is a great caterer … I hear that he catered for a huge number of the recent communion parties … I had a chance to taste his food at the Hamills … really really delicious.

I’ve invited him for an interview as a Ballinamore Entrepreneur so we can hear more about his business … he’s keen but very busy.

So … Nialls family and friends … encourage him to give me a call.

Ballinamore now has 5 Green Flag schools … which I think could be a record for a town our size.

Congrats to all the children, teachers and parents who made it all happen.

That evening Maeve and I went to Solas Gallery for the opening of the photographic exhibition.

Two of her friends Abby and Leah (photographer Eunan Sweeneys children) were also there.

They are posing under one of Eunans photos.



It’s very hard to photograph the photographs as they are covered in glass.




The crowd grew and was very busy when I left.

pho exh3


ph exh1

It’s a bit grey today but the rest of the week has been lovely and sunny and warm.

Everything looks a bit more cheerful and I noticed that the Tidy Towns Group have hung lovely flower baskets at the entry/exit roads.


I want to thank people for their warm and kind regards as a result of my recent blog posts.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

It’s not easy sharing what’s happening … but that’s as much a part of my life as all the happy and positive stuff … of which I am greatly blessed.

Thanks for the emails saying how my words have helped … how some of you feel less alone as you struggle with different challenges.

I’ve said it before … I love writing and it helps me clarify what’s going on in my head and heart. If it in some way is useful to a reader … then that’s great as well.

Mags will be back from Majorca this evening … she’s having a ball.

I’m off tonight to help Brent and Mary drink some of the prosseco that was left when they closed the Moo Wine Bar … yup … someones gotta do it!!

I hope the sun shines on you over the weekend.

And guess what I just did?

I sorted Skype onto this laptop … and yesterday in Tesco I bought a webcam (7.49 euro) and a microphone with headset (10.49).

I emailed my brother Marc and asked him if he had Skype … he sorted it his end.

I was online and Skype rang … it was Marc!

I turned on the vidcam … and we had a video call … it was sooooo cool … just like in the movies.

We chatted for an hour about work and stuff … it was lovely … the sound and picture quality was excellent.

And it’s FREE … any calls from one Skype to another Skype.

The only problem was that my wee vidcam kept falling off the top of the laptop so Marc kept getting video of the floor or ceiling or half my face … he meanwhile looked as calm and serene as ever!

When you have a vid call on Skype you see a small screen of yourself and a bigger screen of the person you are talking to … it was a blast.

Now … Sis … if you’re reading this how about setting Skype up at your place?

And Marc is going to sort Skype on Dad’s Apple system.

Anyone with an up to date computer will probably have a built in mic and vidcam … and you can see how cheap they are to buy anyway.

Marc can now  nag me about the Life Dreaming typing in full colour and stereo sound.



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Don’t tell me that nothing happens in small rural towns … well maybe that’s true for other towns … but there’s always something on in Ballinamore.

On Friday Solas Art Gallery has an opening of its photographic exhibition titled ‘Solstice’.

Solstice Photo Exh

I had a sneek preview and there are some lovely pieces … some great shots from one of my favourite photographers … Eunan Sweeney.

Bluebell Woods – Eunan Sweeney

You can buy Eunans work from his site (there are heaps of gorgeous images of Ireland … great gifts) … and … you can see a range of his pics in Smyths Shop … and you get to say hi to Mags (but be quick as she’s off to Majorca for a week … me envious? … what shade of green can I be!).

The exhibition opens at 7.30pm and everyone is welcome … there’s always some nice nibbles … a glass of wine … interesting pictures … and nice people to talk with.

Chestnut Canopy - Erika Marks


Early Sunny Morning on the Waterlillies - Elizabeth Sayer

Early Sunny Morning on the Waterlillies – Elizabeth Sayer

I also notice that another friend of mine … Niall Magahey … is playing and singing in Bobby Jo’s this Sunday.

When Niall isn’t singing … or updating his Facebook status at 4am in the morning … he runs Complete Weddings … a videography service for your wedding.

I loved the short vid of a wedding where the photos were taken in a field with hay bales and a vintage tractor … showed some wit.

I was in there for the first time after Aine Martins Fashion Parade … and liked the whole place very much.

Niall is always a treat to listen to so I might just wander down … order a glass of wine … and relax.

And … on Saturday you can go to a great workshop for 3 hours at Shaylyn.

It’s called


One off 3 Hour Dynamic Yoga workshop with David and Caithriona

Shaylyn Centre, High St. Ballinamore, Saturday 20th June 10:30am – 1:30pm (with short break between sessions)

Price: €30

How to Book: Phone: 07196 81101 – Text: 0873105942 –

Email: info@shaylyn.net (Everyone must book in advance)

Losing weight with yoga means focusing on yoga postures that help raise the metabolism, helping to burn calories and reduce stress at the same time.

David will bring you through standing postures and backbends, explaining how certain postures benefit different parts of the body helping to tone and bring flexibility into the body.

He will also incorporate some aspects of Pilates illustrating how it can be used to tone and firm the tummy area.

In the second part of the workshop Caithriona will focus on breathing exercises, forward bends and meditation.

As well as ‘hands on’ tuition and demonstration, the focus will be on using the breath to become more aware of where we hold tension in the body and working on proper alignment in the postures.

I’m pretty tempted to go for a number of reasons:

  • I want to lose some weight
  • I would love to learn some flexibility and toning exercises to strengthen my stomach and lower back … my back has been playing up recently and some professional advice would be very useful. I took some books out of the library but got completely lost in the hundreds of exercises … do these people not know how lazy I am?
  • I want to build in more physical exercises that help me stay on a even keel … life can be stressful and I like to have a lot of ideas for calmness
  • doing an intensive 3 hours would save me money and I’m crap at turning up for something every week for 6 weeks … which is what most yoga and pilates courses do

I think what they are covering and at the price … it’s a bargain.

If you’re thinking of kick starting some healthy habits for your body … and this workshop seems to offer a range of activities … here’s a good start.

Hope to see you there … I’ve talked myself into going.

Now all I have to do is find a yoga mat!

Tomorrow I’m off to the boys school to take some photos of them getting their Green Flag … it’s for good green environment activities. I’ll also be taking photos of the green flags at the other schools.

Congratulations to all the teachers and students.

And if you have any room to take a breath … I’d suggest that a lovely activity would be making up some window boxes or  planting flowers in your garden.


It’s going to be lovely and sunny this weekend.

So … after you’ve gone to the yoga workshop on Saturday … had a barbecue to celebrate your fine efforts that evening … planted the window boxes on Sunday … and gone to listen to Niall sing in Bobby Joes on Sunday … you’ll know that Ballinamore is the place to live.

So much to do ….

Oh yeh … and there will be no photos of me bending and sweating (and probably swearing under my struggling breath) at the workshop ... you’ll just have to be there!



p.s I know you think that I must pose Coco to make her look so elegant and gorgeous … honestly folks … she just has this way with her.

Anyway … she was playing with a new toy yesterday and I got a shot of her in a less elegant pose.


yup … gorgeous

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Lots of rain last night and a bit this morning … but it looks like  the sun might shine later.


It shone and shone yesterday so I made up 5 window boxes and a few tubs … all the plants at a very reasonable price from my neighours  … Smyths Flower Shop and Garden Centre.


I love lobelias … partly because they end up so lush and vibrant … and partly because my dear friend Lisa grew them years ago.

And geraniums … gotta love them.


So delightfully old fashioned … never pushy … they just get on with it.

I did up 3 window boxes for my dear neighbour and friend Therese … a nice mix of white lobelia and pink geraniums … and another box of a yellow flowers and blue/violet lobelia. She also has a box at her kitchen window with happy yellow flowers.


My boxes are mixed lobelias … and some geraniums … and a pot of snapdragons.


Mags asked me to do her window boxes about a month ago … so her pansies are well grown and very happy wee things … I love them.


Yesterday afternoon William and I hung a rail for all Mags clothes and made 2 shelves for her boots and shoes … it was great fun and quite easy (says she who is a woodwork newbie) … and Mags loves it.

I forgot to thank Sharon for dropping in some of her delicious chocs the other night. She had made some with the honey Anne (a blogger friend in America who raises bees) sent over.

As usual they were very very tasty … I allow myself one (or maybe 2) a day.


See the loose choc … the one that’s looks like it’s trying to escape … it didn’t get far.

And that glass? Full of water … just waiting for a miracle!

I went across to Noeleen in the flower shop to treat myself to a few flowers for the office … she kindly gave them to me as a gift … aren’t they lovely? Thanks Noeleen.


Coco is sitting in her chair as I work away … and now she’s asleep … tough life … I’m coming back as a much loved and cossetted dog.



Better go now and start some SKIL2 work.

Have a lovely day.



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My last post evoked loads of …  comments here, emails and Facebook comments … from friends, family and strangers.

I’m deeply touched and humbled by the thoughtful comments and offers of support.

I really do believe that most people are inherently good … and sometimes it’s the bad times that brings out the best in people.

I didn’t write the post so that people would tell me how open and courageous I am [thanks anyway] … or that times will get better … I know they will.

I wrote it because many people hide the extent of their fear and sadness and anger … from themselves and everyone else.

I’m not particularly brave or special … I just wanted people to see that even positive and practical people like me … can feel stressed and under pressure.

And … I then get off my fab derriere … and draw on the range of resources that I have in my life … and after many of your responses … I now have even more resources.

Writing this blog … and responding to emails and comments … acts as a release valve for me.

So does talking with friends and family … thanks folks.


Since writing the blog post  I have had:

  • an offer of space so I can run a ‘design your own free blogsite’ session in Ballinamore on Saturday July 11. Thanks to Jane in the Shaylyn Traditional Arts Centre. I’ll post more on that in a week or so.
  • an offer to edit a great womans (Di Granger in Perth WA) Wellness workbook … 3 days work.
  • advice on getting the best from social welfare and HSE and CWO’.
  • gifts and loans of money.
  • and lots and lots of good wishes

Now … this hasn’t solved some deeper financial issues such as longer term contracts and overdue rent and overdrafts … but … it has given me some breathing space.

Thank you all for your support … it has meant a great deal to me and further reinforces my real belief in peoples generosity and compassion.

P1060690Sunday was a gorgeous day and I took Coco for a long walk and play in her fave meadow.

Much to my delight she keeps coming back and lying down when I call her. I just keep thinking that she’ll get sick of the whole palaver and ignore me.


We went and sat on a picnic bench in the canal basin and just chilled … that’s me and Coco.


The day was so still that everything was reflected perfectly in the water.



I took photos of all the great kids and parents who went on a sponsored walk to raise funds for the girls school.


Everyone made their hats and it was a delight to see some of my Sunny Funny Garden children.



I stood near our resident professional photographer (Eunan Sweeney) as he organised all the people … and took some pictures.





I love this photo


I had also made a very tasty meatballs and tomato sauce from scratch … hand made the meatballs and the sauce … yum.

Caught up with Mags as she was outside with her dog pack and we decided to share the meal over a bottle of prosecco (for moi) and red wine (for her).

Dogs played happily and we relaxed in the evening sunshine.

Coco was running around like a mad thing and we heard her yelp … looks like she’s pulled a muscle in her thigh … she’s limping a wee bit but not all the time.

I was advised to give her a disprin to reduce the swelling and not take her for a walk for a few days.

She is not happy with me.

On Monday I reorganised and reframed the office so I could be ready for all the interesting work that will be coming my way soon … hope does spring eternal.


My desk is now facing the front window on to the street so I have light streaming in … and I can see what everyone is doing … hee hee.

I might even get some work done … and yes dear brother Marc … I will have typed the remaining 6 Life Dreaming modules by Friday … nag nag.

Today has started sunny … and we all know how long that can last in Ireland.

I want to make up window boxes for my place and Therese my neighbour.

It’s Tidy Town competition time again and we all want the town to be looking its best.

Mags is way ahead of me with her lovely window boxes.

After a day of limping slightly … Coco seems to be better. I think she’s faking so I’ll take her for a walk!

Jane at Shaylyn also emailed me some very interesting information on a cross border traditional dance project that they are running.

The Shaylyn Sessions in Ballinamore

Join members of Shaylyn for the first of a series of informal trad sessions at the centre this Sunday the 21st of June at 2pm.  The session will feature Irish Dancing, Music and Song plus a chance to get up and dance yourself if you feel like it!  The session is open to the public and costs €10 for adults and €5 for children.  The next sessions will take place on Sundays the 19th of July and the 16th of August also at 2pm.  Pre booking is possible on 071 9681101 or by email to jane@shaylyn.net.

Shaylyn Summer Performance Season in Bundoran Starts July 1st !

Local support for the season in Bundoran would be greatly appreciated so do come along if you can, send other people – perhaps you know people in the Bundoran area.  You can also help by spreading the word and talking about it to anyone who will listen!

The show is at Bundoran Cineplex, Station Rd, Bundoran  every Wednesday in July and August at 8pm nightly.  Tickets can be booked on 071 9829999

Shaylyn Dance Workshops for Everyone!

As part of our new International Fund for Ireland funded project ‘Connecting People, Removing Borders’ we are aiming to deliver 100 Irish and Scottish Dance Workshops this year! The project aims to bring people of different communities together and promote peace & reconciliation through the practice and enjoyment of our traditional dances.

In addition the project aims to simply get people dancing again by providing access to traditional dance for adults and not just for children!  Dance used to be a major feature of everyday life in Ireland, a lifelong pursuit and we believe with the social, cultural and economic benefits and potential that it should be again.

Join us for our next dance workshops at:

The Share Centre, Lisnaskea, Co Fermanagh on Thursday the 25th of June at 8pm Adm 3

The Commercial Hotel, Ballinamore, Co Leitrim on Monday the 29th of June at 8pm Adm € 5

The Presbyterian Church Hall, Raphoe, Co Donegal on Tuesday the 30th of June at 8pm Adm Free

We are also looking for individuals and groups who would consider participating more fully in the project by attending as many of the dance events as possible over the two year funded period and keeping a diary of this experience.  The diaries will be used to develop a living archive of peoples experience and opinions of plus access to their traditional dances at this time in history.  The archive will also serve to show how the arts and dance in particular contribute to community building and peace & reconciliation.

Diaries can be anonymous.  Participants can attend all dance events for free.  Support will be available from a facilitator for this process.  We would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in participating in this process.

More workshop dates coming soon!

Finally if you would like to have a dance workshop in your area/for your group/club etc please contact us for details.

I’m going to the Ballinamore session on Monday June 29 … I’d love to learn some traditional dancing … might see you there.

I hope your week has started well.



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