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Yup … it’s the kind of day to stay cosy and warm inside.

Unfortunately I had to go into town [sounds like a bleedin’ trek across the himalayas … it’s only 5 minutes in non icy weather] to pay the rent and get some more books from the library.

My good friends Miriam and Jimmy are staying with me for a few days [as they wait and try to get up the icy back mountain roads to their home] so we walked carefully in convoy into town.

As we walked down the road from the estate the army drove up to grit the roads … better late than never lads.

It’s slippy in town but it felt great to be out and walking even if the windchill factor is minus 5.

Dropped in and had a chat with Maggie … then off to say hi to the fab women in the Credit Union … then to the bank to pay the rent … then library to get books and say hi to the lovely women there … then Hi to Maggies Mum and Dad who have had no running water for weeks and still look neater and dapper than me!

Was about to slide my way home when I was hailed by Sharon Sweeny [Cannaboe Confectionery entrepreneur and wicked witch baker of my favourite carrot cake … no Liz … it is not a health food!] who offered me a lift back to my home.

Lovely to see her and I want to sent my best wishes to her mother who had a wee fall [like thousands and thousands of others around the country] on the ice and broke a few bones. It could be any of us no matter how careful we are.

Thanks Sharon for the lift and I have to give you a jar of honey that the wonderful Anne sent us from the Liz Biz beehive in America. The honey is delicious and I want to send a big hello and happy new decade to Anne. May you, your husband and bees all flourish and prosper.

Home now and enjoying the swedish cinnamon buns I made for the first time yesterday. They were delicious and I was very pleased to serve them to Jimmy and Miriam.

notice carrot cake in background?

I bought the best cook book ever last week and have been making stuff from it ever since. It’s a book that was commissioned by the Irish publishers Mercier Press from a food blogger … a young Irish lad called Donal Skehan. He writes a blog called Good Mood Food and I’m loving the cook book.

Tonight I’m cooking his recipe for Thai Green Chicken Curry and later on in the week I’m making big batches of 2 soups to freeze – Red Pepper and Tomato soup & Pea and Mint Soup.

And just in case you think I’m lolling around cooking … I am!

I’ve also sorted my office and have already booked Koh restaurant for a new round of Blog Design workshops in Dublin on Feb 6 and 7.

blog design workshops in Dublin

The workshops I did in November were a great success and I am really looking forward to doing more this year. The people I get to meet are really interesting.

The cost of the workshop is 80 euro and runs for 5 hours. People leave with a fully designed blog site and the skills to insert content and vids and photos and heaps of other stuff. People also get a 60 page info pack, chocolates and a fun learning time with me.

What’s not to love?

Someone sent me an email from an organisation [who will remain nameless] who is offering a 6 hour workshop in Dublin on setting up a blog and writing content … and they are charging 295 euro!!!

So I feel like I’m offering a quality bargain.

Coco and I are now ensconsed warmly inside and I’ve just put out heaps of bread for the birds.

All is well in my world.



p.s If anyone around town [or family in Oz and Singapore] has a Wii console they want to sell … I’d love to buy it. I really want to get the console, buy the EA Sports Challenge and just go for it in the privacy of my own home. You can email me – focusedsolutions1st@gmail.com

If there are none going I’ll buy one with the profits from my blog workshops in February.

When it comes to being physically fit I realised that I needed some new solutions to a very entrenched old problem. I decided to bring the exercise into my own home and make it varied and interesting with clear goals and feedback along the way … so that’s why I want a Wii.


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I’ve always wondered about that poor camel.

Carrying his burdens until a small thing like a straw broke its back … bummer.

I was thinking about the camel and straw as Coco and I played in the meadow.

I throw the stick … she runs like blazes and brings it back … I throw the stick …

It’s a great partnership.

I think there are different kinds of camels in each of our lives that can reach breaking point.

For someone I love dearly … it was emotional.

For me? It’s got to be financial.

I went to my credit union today only to find that the money I thought I had to cover food and basics for the next few weeks … I don’t have.

It all is now held against a loan I took out last year.

I love my credit union and all the people that work there at the front desk and in voluntary capacity.

I’m thinking it might be useful for them to relook at this policy.

I need that money to buy food … pay bills … and also use it to pay my weekly loan repayments.

Now? I can’t do anything.

I totally understand the need to have some money held against a loan … but doing it when a customer has no other money is kind of counter productive.

As it’s my first loan they hold back 20% of the loan amount as surety … maybe for the next 6 months or so they could drop the amount to 10% or even 5%.

As I said … I love my credit union and maybe they’ll be able to help me … who knows?

That was the straw that didn’t break my camels back … but certainly hurt it a lot.

[I want to note that the lovely lady at the counter did let me take out a few euros so I would be able to buy food … they are great people … and I want to be very clear that I am not criticising them … just offering a suggestion].

Anyone that regularly reads this blog … and I send you lots of good wishes … knows that I take a proactive … positive … and practical approach to living.

I work out what is outside my control … world peace … global and national recession … my clients and the community sectors dwindling budgets … an incompetent Irish government … and just let it go.

I work out what is within my control … developing a Focused Solutions info pack … staying healthy … enjoying Coco … contacting ex clients … dropping my rates … bartering … doing free stuff in the community … keeping a positive attitude … working on SKIL2 and Life Dreaming as future income streams … asking for support … consciously being grateful for my health, family & friends … writing this blog … and sorting my accounts so I can apply for social welfare {which will be almost nothing as they don’t really cater for self employed people} … and just get on with it.

My consultancy seemed to be have been affected as early as April 2008 … nothing like being on the cutting edge of a recession!

And … people have been fantastic in bartering and dropping in coal over the winter … and even dropping in a few euro now and again … thanks folks.

I’m doing what I can and I know that hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland are experiencing similar financial pressures.

Do I envy people with steady incomes … girlfriends going on sunny vacations … people with partners who can help take the financial strain?

Truthfully? Yeh … a bit.

And … I’m also very happy for them. I don’t wish financial stress on anyone and take a great deal of pleasure in my friends lives.

So … Coco and I will tighten our belts a little more … no problem … and we’ll stay optimistic and hope that a call will come through from someone asking me to do some contract work … real soon … like next week … like Tuesday afternoon.

It does get hard … and I do feel down sometimes.

It’s no picnic working out which bill you can throw a few euro at … and not knowing when any work will come through.

Yup … there are tears sometimes … and then I just get on with it all … another step at a time.

Taking Coco for a walk and letting her run free always cheers me up.

Even when she pulled stuffing out of my couch this morning … I still love her and she helps lift my spirits.

So … to all of you who have income … are off on holidays … about to move into new homes … have partners who can help financially … I send you the very best wishes.

And … to all those people who are experiencing real financial stress … I totally empathise and send you big wishes for:

  • a kind bank manager and/or credit union
  • a job or new contract
  • a win on the Lotto
  • a financial windfall
  • new ways to make money and/or barter
  • a kind social welfare or community welfare officer
  • lower bills

And to those people experiencing what I call faux financial stress … where you have to cut back to 2 holidays a year and cheaper booze … get over yourselves.

Me? I feel better just writing this.

My life is pretty damn great … I live in a fantastic town … have good friends and family … am involved in the community … am in reasonable health … get to develop 2 social enterprises with one of my fab brothers … and have Coco.

And I won’t pretend that 14 months of financial lean times don’t take their toll … they bloody do.

Here’s to a phone call next week with the offer of a contract worth between 3,500 and 6000 euro.

Appreciate it if you’d take a second and send that wish off for me ... ta.

And whatever your camel happens to be … know that you can bend and not break.



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A gorgeous day so far … sun is beaming down on everyone.

I took Coco for a walk and we smiled and said hello to everyone (we do that rain or shine) as we walked down the main street … nice to see all the visitors in town.

We stopped at the canal basin to admire the bridge and look at the boats that were moored overnight … imagine drifting along in the sunshine today … bliss on a stick.



Then we wandered down the road to the water works … my legs are still sore from the cycle ride to Riversdale last week … pathetic!

Coco once again went to say hello to the sheep and was puzzled why they don’t come over and play.


I think the sheep are all standing there looking at Coco and thinking ‘ yeh right … we’re sheep …  but we’re not that stupid … no way do we want to play with the big Not Sheep‘.


[Obviously sheep do not have an extensive vocabulary of names for other animals … so everything that isn’t a sheep is a ‘Not Sheep’]

Coco doesn’t even bark … she just stands there smiling.

As Coco ran back and forth smelling and checking things out … I continued my wee exercise of looking at the detail in the landscape … seeing the small things that we usually miss as we scan the big picture.


Love all the flowers …




and even looking at a single fern amidst all the other ferns … is kind of nice.


As Coco ran back and forth I tried a new way to encourage her to come back to me … I stood still and called ‘ back here’ … and as she came back I raised my hand in the stay signal and then pointed my finger down and said ‘Sit … Stay’.

To my utter amazement … she did it … and stayed.


clever Coco

I let her sit for about 3 or 4 seconds and then said ‘go play’ … which she was happy to do.

I think we are growing up a bit together.

I saw the meadow full of flowers and wanted to get a closer shot … so climbed a wee rise … and put my hand in some sheep poo … lovely … and got the shot.


And as we walked along I saw a barge floating down the canal.


I bless every day that I live here in Ballinamore … there is beauty everywhere … if you stop and look.

Coco kept running and I enjoyed all the flowers snuggled into the ferns.



I was thinking about when I gave blood yesterday … fear is an interesting beast … it can freeze you … and it can make you bold … motivate you to move forward.

I’m (and my family) are really afraid of needles  … and … I decided that giving blood beat my fear of needles.

Having said that … my heart was racing when I went to the donor centre in our Community Centre … I went there as soon as the doors opened.

It takes a wee while to fill out forms … and get asked questions and have your finger pricked to check your ok … and all the while I’m trying not to think about the needle.

I get escorted to the donor area … I think I may have looked like I was going to bolt … and they check my blood pressure … all fine.

Another nurse comes over and they have trouble finding the veins in both my arms … my heart starts to race as this usually means that they have to move the needle back and forth between my arms … scarey.

I explained my fear of needles and how the last time I went to donate they jabbed the needle into a muscle … yup … I have good reason to fear the bloody things.

Anyway … they found a vein and I looked away with my eyes shut … trying to relax and breathe … and they put the needle in … and it stings.

I kept my eyes shut as I got used to the needle being there … and the  nurse asked me if I was ok … I couldn’t speak as tears of relief were wandering down my cheeks … I just looked at her an nodded.

They were really sweet and said I was very brave for giving blood even though I was soooooo scared.

All done … and thank goodness I don’t have to give blood again for 4 months.

All the staff there are dotes and seem to be on the road a lot … often away from home for weeks on end.

After I finish writing this blog post  I’m focusing on my lovely long To Do list … this is a week of focusing on the details.


I did my fab mind map yesterday to give me a sense of what was a priority … and because I love ticking things off when they get done.



delighted to see what I’ve already done  … and it’s only 11.30am.

  • walk Coco – √ done... may do another walk if the sun stays out
  • take pictures … upload & resize – √ done.
  • write blog post … √ done.
  • email my wonderful sis … √ done.
  • type up SKIL2 info pack I wrote on the train
  • clean kitchen … part of my One Room a Day campaign
  • write brothers birthday cards and post them … √ done.
  • go say hi to Mags
  • drink a litre of water … √ done.… and will drink another before the day is out
  • say hi to Dee … √ done.
  • do up window boxes … today or tomorrow
  • prepare dinner … lovely baked chicken breasts covered in yoghurt and have with coleslaw I made yesterday
  • do one hour of Scribus (open source design software) learning

That should do it … and I’ll find time to loll in the sun … wearing SPF 40.

Hope you have a great day.




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I took Coco for a 1 hour walk yesterday to one of our favourite places … the meadow at the back of the convent … one of the few places close to town where she can safely run around.


you can see the canal from the meadow

I decided that I wanted to take photos of the small features of the landscape … get really close up.


It got me thinking about how important it is to see the forest and the trees and the leaves … in my work and life.

The forest for me are the core values that drive everything I do and am … the larger landscape and vision I have for my life.


The trees are the dreams I have for the next few years … SKIL2 … Life Dreaming … getting fit and healthy … being a part of Ballinamore … seeing my family in Singapore & Oz … leasing land to build my own natural build home … go to Paris etc etc


The leaves are the day to day … week by week … activities that move me towards the dreams … the myriad details that need to be done and researched and organised.

Quite literally … the blades of grass … the grains of sand.


This week is a Leaves Week for my work… lots of details … lots of learning … lots of discipline (in a fun kind of way) … steady and consistent progress and work on … SKIL2 & Life Dreaming & getting Fit and Fab.

And when I feel exasperated and too caught up in the leaves (I call it the trenches) … I’ll sit back … take a few deep breathes … and remember why I am developing the two social enterprises (Trees) … what I hope to achieve with them globally (Forest).

It all links and you need to create and reflect and plan and action on all three levels … or you’ll just get really confused and frustrated.


There’s no point in imagining a great forest (values) and trees (dreams) … if you aren’t prepared to deal with the leaves (the actual work of making it happen).


And … there is nothing more frustrating than getting caught up in the day to day actions of life (leaves) … if you have no real idea of what your dreams (trees) and values (forest) are.

That’s what I started thinking as I was taking all the close up photos … yup … I’ve got a brain that doesn’t stop.


Coco meanwhile was being Zen Dog … and just being in the moment.


I think her forest, trees and leaves are all the same thing.

If this was my default expression and feeling … I’d be a very happy person.


I sat in the meadow enjoying looking at the detail of everything … the small things … and then looking up as Coco came gamboling straight at me with a stick.


She had a great time and so did I … win win … and … she came back when I called her … good Coco.



We bought 2 ice creams and gave one to Dee in the Forge … Coco loves visiting her.

Now it’s Monday … and I’m off to immerse myself in a pile of SKIL2, Life Dreaming & Getting Fit and Fab … Leaves.

Have a great week.




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Big Reminder before I start the main post from Sharon Sweeney

Just to let everyone know that the Blood Donation Clinic returns to the Community Centre in Ballinamore on Monday 8th June 2009.

Clinic times are 3.00pm to 4.45pm and 7.00pm to 9.30pm.

We were below the 100 donations at the last clinic so we really need to get above this number at the next one or we may lose it to another town.

Thanks to everyone who attended the previous clinics.  Please try to get to this one and if you can get there please bring a friend.

From Liz – My blood is RH O Neg so I’m going to be very brave (I’m needle phobic … runs in the family) and go down there on Monday. I’ll be the one whimpering in the corner … and staying the longest. My blood takes forever to come out … and I sometimes have to have the needle moved around between my arms … I feel dizzy just writing this … don’t want to do it  … fear fear fear … but the blood is needed.

Love Sunday … a lovely slow day … street is quiet.

I read until 3am this morning and was still up at 7am to let Coco out … and then … back to bed to sleep for another few hours.


I’ve been uploading and resizing photos from my Dublin trip this week and Coco is sitting in her chair … looking at the photo and around the office I see I’ll be doing some tidying tomorrow morning.

The Dublin trip was a great success.

I went over there on Thursday by train … very comfortable and I love seeing the countryside go by … lovely and sunny.

My meeting wasn’t until Friday so I had a great wander on both the Northside and Southside.

They are separated by the Liffey and connected by a heap of bridges.

This photo shows one of Dublins favourite bridges … the Ha’Penny Bridge.


I used to live in one of the apartments in the red brick building on the northside (the left) … 1 minute from the bridge.



Some of my favourite streets in Dublin city include:




Dame Street … at one end is Trinity  and at the other is Christchurch … and my Juries Hotel. Temple Bar runs off Dame Street and faces onto the Liffey.


Off Dame Street is Georges Street and the beautiful Georges St Arcade … a covered market. Great little streets run off it and you end up on …



Grafton Street … which is a key pedestrian area with a lot of shops. Stephen’s Green Park is at one end.


Parliament Street runs into Dame street on the South side and then you go across a bridge to the northside and one of my favourite streets … Capel Street.



It has some great pubs and really old shops.





One of the main shopping streets on this side of the river suns off Capel Street … it’s a mix of Mary Street and Henry Street … and there are heaps and heaps of shops as well as open markets.



It ends up at O’Connell Street which is a major part of Dublin history … a little run down but always full of character. The O’Connell St photos were taken on Saturday morning when I was on the LUAS train to Connolly train station … it was bucketing down after days of sunshine.



I was in Depaul Ireland nice and early on Friday for my 11am SKIL2 Team meeting to set everything up. I keep meaning to take a photo of the team but we just get so engaged in our chats that I forget.


The meeting ran from 11am to 2pm and I organised for sandwiches, fruit and cheese to be brought in so we can eat and talk.

The major part of the meeting was spent standing around the SKIL2 learning space design that I have developed … commenting … questioning … adding … changing.

P1060613 P1060614 P1060615

My design mantra is


butterfly butterfly butterfly

So … that mantra informs every design decision and discussion and the Team are very aware of it … to the extent that they are now commenting on other sites I show them in those terms.

After 2 meetings I feel we have captured the key design elements and the Team has been of invaluable assistance in making it even more user friendly.

This week I’ll be transferring the paper design to a new open source design software called Scribus … which I have to teach myself to use first!

As we are standing looking at the design it raised all sorts of great questions, ideas and comments from the Team:

  • how can we engage people to use SKIL2?
  • SKIL2 will be a great way to capture organisational memory
  • what if we ….. they have heaps of ideas
  • here’s how we can link it into existing systems and processes
  • it’s a great tool for challenging good practice and sharing our knowledge
  • how do we deal with people who abuse the space? [my response … the same way as you do in face to face encounters … link back to your policies on best practice, bullying etc … have clear written codes of conduct …]
  • let’s open SKIL2 to our volunteers as well
  • how can we eventually include service users?
  • etc etc etc etc

The discussions are amazing and I facilitate in a way that makes people feel safe enough to be challenging and excited and unsure.

We also started our Elevator Pitch exercise … where we will develop a 60 second SKIL2 pitch.

I asked people to throw in their thoughts and ideas on the following questions:

  1. who is SKIL2 for?
  2. what problems/needs does it solve?
  3. what opportunities does it seize?
  4. what values/benefits does it offer to an organisation and individual?
  5. what are it’s key features?
  6. what calls to action do we need to develop?

We got to number 4 and we’ll finish it off via a group email.

Over lunch I showed the Team a range of interesting sites … a social media for non profits site ... a cool tools for schools site …a site that shows you alternative open source software to the paid stuff … and open course ware sites [I gave the links in my last post].

At each meeting over lunch I will be showing the Team different aspects of social media … online learning … open source etc.

It’s like a literal and figurative Bite Sized Learning session … their knowledge, skills and confidence in these areas will grow as I show them more and more ways that it all works.

flower flower flower

SKIL2 and everything I develop is based on an interesting mix of conceptual models and my own experience:

  • adult learning theory
  • social justice theory
  • social media and Web 2
  • community building
  • change theory
  • group theory
  • facilitation theory
  • knowledge management
  • learning organisation models
  • learning styles theory
  • communication models
  • a range of learning models
  • social action research
  • organisational development theories
  • feminist and power theories
  • structure and process systems theory
  • psychology
  • neuro lingusitics programming
  • sociology
  • design theory
  • art
  • information architecture

It all informs the way I work with people … and the kinds of things (products, processes and services) that I want to develop and share with the world.

And at the end of the meeting as we were setting a date in September for the next Team session … I apologised for having to convene 2 three hour long meetings in 2 weeks and I explained that I wanted to get key feedback from them on SKIL2 design before the summer holidays.


I promised that the next meeting would be shorter … maybe 90 minutes to 2 hours … and they all said they wanted the meetings to be longer and stay at 3 hours … they really want to learn and discuss and build SKIL2 into Depaul Ireland.

First time in 25 years people have asked me to make the meetings longer … they are really engaged in the whole SKIL2 process … and … I facilitate meetings that are always results oriented … and fun.

After the meeting I went to stay with a good friend Mary and chatted into the night … love that.

Then back on the train in the rain on Saturday … thanks William for picking me up.

Now I’m off to walk Coco and begin a new pattern of health  living:

  • cycling to Riversdale (10min each way) and swimming for an hour … 2 to 3 times a week
  • walking Coco every day … at least an hour 4 times a week … and shorter on other days
  • eating healthy … which I’m doing anyway
  • 4 to 5 alcohol free days a week
  • try the You Tube free personal trainer sessions … twice a week

I intend to be Fit & Fabulous for my 50’s … coming up in 47 days.

I will enter that age fitter than I have been in over 30 years.



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Sun is shining again and it really lifts my spirits.

Yesterday was a fab productive and enjoyable day.

I uploaded and resized a pile of photos for Gabriel of 2 cottages he has for sale and also emailed them to Kimme.

Had a great chat with my Dad … he gave me a wonderful suggestion for how the whole Life Dreaming project could be used by people … thanks Pa.

Love you heaps.

I tidied and rearranged the lounge room so it feels more spacious for the ‘Summer’.


My motto is … one room at a time … one step at a time.

Helps reduce any feelings of stress or pressure that I might place on myself.

I did some the  Life Dreaming modules and sent them to Marc in Singapore.

His response delighted me as he really is my bullshit detector … he’ll tell me if something I’ve written or an activity I’ve developed doesn’t work.

He won’t mind me sharing what he wrote … I was tickled pink.

Holy freakin’ dancing elephants darl!!!

Talk about giving value!
Talk about a gorgeous, useful, empowering, desirable, do-able process!
Talk about written gold!

Just finished reading your stuff.
I’ll be back with more comments that don’t include so many exclamation points.

I’m just extremely excited.
=)  xx  M

Had a bowl of the best seafood chowder ever at Smyths … and had a lovely chat with Ciaran and Cathy.

Allanah is celebrating her communion along with Maeve and Thomas and a pile of other children on Saturday. I’ll be taking photos for the blog.

Later in the afternoon William and our dogs all went for a walk at Garadice Lake.

It is so beautiful at the moment with the bluebells and the way the light filters through the trees and glints on the water.


Ella is a water dog so she loves … yup … water.



Coco is not as keen but seems to yearn to leap in there and follow Ella … not happening yet.


They love spending time with each other and happily ran up the lane.


I had time for some dinner of  salmon and stir fried vege … I’m trying to clean out my system for 2 weeks so … no potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, cakes, chocolate etc.

Can still have wine and meat and fish and vege and salad … and I eat yogurt every day to be kind to my stomach … and litres of sparkling water with lime or lemon juice in it.

After dinner I went down to the Commercial for the Fashion Parade rehearsal … all fun.

Warning warning warning … tickets are selling fast and there will only be a limited number available on the night at the desk. So … give Aine a call and order your tickets.

When I got home I put on the dress I’ll be wearing to MC the event on Friday. I went to Mags cottage to ask her what she thought (she has great taste and style).

When she answered the door she looked a bit startled to see me in all my finery on a Tuesday evening in Ballinamore.

I just smiled and said ‘I think it’s very important that neighbours dress up every now and then to visit’

I got her seal of approval re: the dress.


More Life Dreaming work.

Sort another room … think it will be the office.

Walk Coco.

Make some shelves for the office (you can see why I need to clean it now!) with William. I’m not allowed to buy shelves … I have to learn to make them … how cool is that?

Eat some yummy healthy food.

Go say hi to Mags … drop in to Dee … do some food shopping.

Just really enjoy living in this town … thanks for having me.




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Despite getting to sleep at 2am … I was working and chatting with a friend about computers and blogs …. stop snoring at the back … Coco still woke me at 8am.

Feeling groggy and a little drifty … a nice way to feel on Saturday … slowly slowly says I.

I received a comment on my last post from a great reader and commenter … Lindy.

She wrote about the real, painful & personal impact of this global debacle … started by unethical and very very greedy people … and supported by many of us in one way or another.

Her son and inlaws are suffering.

I replied:

Hi Lindy
Sorry to hear how the big greedy bastards have affected your nearest and

I have hope (because without it… what’s the point) that this catastrophic time will affect a real change in the way people … view money … decide what’s really important in their lives … and ultimately … create new ways of supporting themselves and each other … less material and more mindful.

Until then … I will do my small part to share information like the sites I mentioned … tell the stories that show we have the spirit and capacity to thrive without massive amounts of money …and … be part of the creative and life affirming solutions.

We all have a part to play.

We all have voices that can speak a new truth about what success and a happy life means.

We can support and encourage every person who is trying to be part of the new solutions.

And ultimately … we can be truly appreciative of our own strength … kindness … intelligence … and humour.

We must never lose sight of our immense personal power to create an amazing life … because of … and in spite of … the incredible crap that happens.

A fond slan to you Lindy


I really believe what I wrote.

I do not underestimate the pain people are feeling.

I do not underestimate the scale of the problem.

I never ever … underestimate our capacity to survive and thrive.

We are faced with amazing challenges … and we have real and powerful choices to make.

Each person has the power to decide:

  • their attitude in every given situation … I may rant … but I don’t ‘do’ doom and gloom. I can see the sunshine and the crap folks … I choose sunshine (which is saying something in wet old Ireland!).
  • what’s truly important in their lives right now.
  • what solutions are within their power … and what is waaaaay beyond their influence. Just let go of the stuff you have no control over … really … it just gives you a headache and heart ache.
  • how they will support other people in their communities … with time, skills, humour, goods, services and even a little money. My friends and neighbours have been awesome to me … and I hope I reciprocate with the talents and skills I have to give.

I have less money now than I have ever had in my life … and I’m happy and content most of the time … I’d say as much as 98%.

I deal with the bills … paying a little at a time.

I am mindful of putting healthy food inside me … and wasting as little as possible. And the Love Food Hate Waste site is giving me a heap of new ideas.

I barter my skills for other peoples skills and products.

I’m spending time developing a few ethical social enterprises that may provide me (and a few other people) with some ongoing micro income streams.

I take huge delight in my friends, family and neighbours … they are my wealth.

I live in a great town surrounded with canals, lakes and mountains.

I have a deep sense of my principles and dreams for my life.

I really really like the person I have become.

And I have Coco pup … who makes me exercise … and is a living symbol of a zest for living.

I intend to not only survive … I’m going to thrive … in ways I define myself.

I send you my best regards and would be interested in hearing how you are surviving and thriving these interesting and challenging times.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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