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Thanks for your patience as I sort the whole IT/broadband stuff.

Still sorting it and many thanks to Dee in the Forge for letting me use their computer and broadband … I have great neighbours.

It’s been really really cold here this week in Ballinamore … we’ve had hail and the kind of bucketing down rain that just soaks you!

I don’t usually start my fires until November but they’re on every day at the moment and my heart wrenches at the cost of coal.

Coco puppy loves the fire and tries to sit on my lap when I’m in my chair.

Ever seen a puppy the size of a small pony trying to pretend it’s a little dog so it can sit in your lap … too funny.

I can hear her trying to hypnotise me ‘ I’m only small … I’m only small’.

Not working … so she ends up on one of the couches.

Had a lovely chat with my Pa and brother Marc yesterday.

I think Pa is a bit worried that with the recession/downturn that I’ll have no work and be reduced to baked beans on toast (which I love by the way).

Well Pa darlin’ … all will be well. It’s the precarious life of a consultant to never know when the next work will come along. It helps build a resilient spirit.

I have finished my contracts and nothing on the horizen so I’m looking forward to taking some time to develop:

  • My Life Dreaming workbook – it’s written and Marc has done the design but I want to do an edit and then do a costing to self publish and sell it online. I have an online Irish bookstore who has said they will sell it … and some of my worldwide readers have been asking for copies since I mentioned it last year. I’ll aim to edit and publish it by March 2009 … always set a deadline to focus your energy and passion.

  • SKIL2 – need to do research on an open source platform called Joomla to see if it could be the foundation for everything I want to build in SKIL2. I want to make a decision about the OS platofrm by December 2008 … another good deadline.

Note – both the designs were co created by my brother Marc (designer extraordinaire) and moi … one of the great pleasures of my life is codesigning the branding of my enterprises with Marc.

I’ve also put a few ideas for some collaborative thinking work on innovative practice in arts/community work to a client … see if they are interested in doing it and then working together to get it resourced.

Coco needs a lot of walking and last week I did nearly 8 hours of it … I can feel parts of my body that were moving south are now moving north … gives a whole new meaning to tight arse… (no offense intended to any sensitive readers).

I’ve started knitting (isn’t it fab when you can fit a stereotype … single, middle aged … knitting by the fire … hee hee) scarves as presents for friends and neighbours.

I’m also making up some lovely clay pots of bulbs for my beloved neighbours so they can have scent and colour in their homes for Xmas.

Ever been in denial?

Yeh … me too.

Moo Bar closes after tomorrow night and I keep pretending it’s not.

I want to thank Brent and Mary for having the courage to make an idea a reality.

Too many people spend their lives dreaming and talking about their ideas … and never go the next brave step … moving passion to action.

I have a years worth of great memories of nights in the Moo Bar … laughing evenings with my fab neighbours … my joint birthday party with Rosie … dancing … singing … working behind the bar … running away from anyone reciting poetry … getting to know Ballinamore locals …

I’m going to be in the bar tomorrow night celebrating and commiserating … come on down.

Thanks for the memories Brent and Mary ... and I look forward to hearing and being a part of your next adventure … sign me on.

I hope your week has had moments of whatever makes you happy, content and energised.

And if the elephant poo has been falling in great quantities … remember … it has to stop sometime … and there’s always duvet days, chocolate and wine to soothe the pain.



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The last few days have been Irish heaven … sunshine and no rain.

Did I already say heaven?

I’ve been taking long walks along Lock 5 with Coco puppy.

Did I tell you that the sun has been beaming down on us … all that lovely vitamin D.

Dee has kindly lent me a new laptop which is a great help.

Only one more problem to solve … how to get the broadband to connect to the laptop.

I spent a few hours trying … and then Derek tried … same result … nada.

I think that the whole broadband kit that I have from Eircom may have to be replaced … it’s all of 2 years old.

Anyway … I’m still popping in to Dee’s to use their computer and broadband so that’s why I’ve only been able to blog once a week … and there’s no photos.

Speaking of photos … I have so many of Ballinamore, Coco, the Lock … all in sunshine.

Big congrats to Orla and Kevan on their engagement this week … many happy’s for the future.

Orla is mourning the closing of Moo (it will shut on October 4) and I’m in a kind of denial.

My joking talk of making my, Maggies and Derek/Lynda’s cottages into a roaming sheebeen has almost made me want to do it … if there’s a light on in the window then friends can wander in with some wine/beer and sit by the fire for a chat.

I hear that Supervalu is opening a cafe on its premises on Friday. I’ll pop in to see what’s on offer.

Town is getting quiet as we wander through Autumn.

I’m looking forward to Halloween.

Last year I dressed as a Devil Queen (if you go to the October/November archives you’ll see photos) and handed out about 90 euro worth of sweets … sending half the children in town into a sugar high.

The kids really get dressed up so I think it’s worth me making the effort to give them sweets … althoug I did see quite a few repeat witches and warlocks … the word spread that I was a soft touch.

And then there will be Xmas.

I spend it alone and terribly happy … something that many of my friends have never understood.

I get out of bed and put on my newly bought Xmas PJ’s around 11am.

I open a bottle of champagne and then ring all my family in Oz (or they ring me). I spend a great few hours chatting with them and hearing how hot it is … and how much crayfish they ate … and how warm the water was in their pools … tough life but they’re strong people!

I then make a plate of yummy tasty things … sit by the fire … and read or watch TV … and sip champagne.

This year I will get another couch so Coco can loll as well.

Bliss on a stick folks … no fuss … no hassle … no crowds of people … peace and quiet … and deep lolling.

I go visiting in the week between Xmas and New Year and really enjoy people’s company.

And right now it’s another day … not as sunny but I live in hope that it will peep through sometime today.

Take care and I hope that my next post will be from my home … with photos.



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OK … am I turning into some kind of animal magnet?

First the Coco puppy turns up from nowhere and makes herself at home.

Then … all us cottage neighbours (3 to 4 cottages) feed a stray black and white cat … a cat who now wanders into my place and relaxes on the velvet cushions.

Indi … le chat … is rather taken with Derek and Lynda (my fantastic American writer friends and neighbours).

He has pretty much moved in with them … and they have had to house train him … he hated kitty litter and wanted to be taken outside …like a dog.

Very unusual cat.

And recently Coco and I have had another visitor … a cheeky robin.

It flies in and pecks at Coco’s dry biscuits and then flits around the kitchen until it feels like leaving … I saw it with one of its robin friends and could imagine the conversation

‘Found this place where I can get free food … no rain … and scaredy puppy … follow me and we will eat ourselves stupid …’

Coco hears the robin when we sit in the lounge but refuses to venture into the kitchen … bodes well for her as a guard dog … not.

The days are moving quietly and it really feels like the move into Autumn … my fave time of year … less rain and more sun than summer.

Walked over an hour with Coco today … slowly getting her to stop pulling on the lead … and she sits to command now.

I really enjoy the walking … it feels purposeful (looking after Coco puppy) rather than a chore (I ‘must’ exercise).

I just wish there were more places within walking distance of town where I could let her run free.

Apart from Lock 5 and the hikers path (which I found out is the remnant of the old railway) does anyone know of other walks near town where Coco can run off the lead? … I don’t have a car.

Coco just had her first bath … couldn’t take photos as my hands were full of scrambling puppy … fun fun … here she is after the trauma … the smell of clean wet dog pervades the cottage.

Thank all the deities that pointers only need a bath every 6 months.

Moo Bar is open again and the Latin dancing is on Friday … I may just pop in for another lesson.

Next Friday the woman that sang in the movie ‘The Commitments’ and is currently in the TV series ‘The Tudors’ as one of Henry’s wives … will be singing in Moo.

She was the great singer with the long black hair.

Anyway … check the Moo site for details.

Hope your day has gone well.



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I often talk about the beauty of Ballinamores lakes and land.

Well folks … last night I saw a different beauty.

The women of Ballinamore.

They provided scientific proof that beauty comes in many forms and across all ages.

We were all at the Festival Ladies night in Moo Bar.

Was it packed … yup … there must have been over 150 women packed in a space meant for 90.

And with good nature and common sense … they all found somewhere to sit and chat.

Every one will have their opinion of the night … that’s the way of the world.


I got to dress up, have my make up done, buy some jewellery, drink a lake of wine, and have some great chats with heaps of interesting women …

What’s not to like?

Feast your eyes on the raft of photos I took.

I swear I didn’t have to edit any of them …unadulturated Ballinamore Beauty.



Tonight I am with the D’Arcy kids so Helena and John can go out and play at the gala mad dress up party.

I’ll be taking photos of the parade.

After that I think I’ll just collapse into a whimpering heap for the weekend.

Take care.


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Between Festival fun and doing some work I haven’t been able to post anything this week … mucho sorry dear reader.

And I have about 20 minutes to do this and then I’m off on the John McGahern Tour at 2pm and then Sex and the Country Ladies night at Moo.

Tuesday was the Ag Fair.

Due to rain and really soggy fields the open air events were cancelled.

I did get to the products and crafts exhibits in the town hall.

Well done everyone.

Kevin tells me he had his potatoes in the competition … but didn’t win a prize.

I know the feeling … Coco puppy didn’t win a prize … I’ll have the photos in tomorrow.

Not sure why people would enter dog shows … the dogs were sweet but it rained for 2 hours.

Coco and I were wondering why we were there … both soggy and no champagne in sight … fun for one go but I wouldn’t do it again.

Looking forward to Ladies Night tonight … the poster turned out really well.

Congrats to Niall and Brent … and the models.

Other events I”ll write about … and heaps of photos … dog show … womens football (hysterical) … and the John McGahern Tour.

Talk to you later tomorrow.


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Yes folks … yesterday was the opening day of the week long festival here in Ballinamore.

And if there’s one thing Ballinamore people do well … it’s party.

During the day there was a pipe band and the crowds came out in the soggy rain to cheer them on.

The festival wouldn’t happen without the time and efforts of countless volunteers and my good neighbours … Damien Hamill (of B&B fame) and John D’Arcy were out keeping the crowd safe.

And then there was the evening festivities … another late night for this little princess.

I went to Moo Bar early and ran across 2 lovely women who were visiting from the UK.

Kathleen Fox would be the sister of John Fox and that’s her daughter Alison.

Kathleen was born in Drumbrick close by here and left Ireland for the UK to become a nurse in 1955.

She and her brother Peter (from New York) visit their brothers John and Patrick in Ballinamore each year.

John’s garage is mentioned in John McGaherns books.

Kathleen was enjoying catching up and chatting with people. She and Alison were also delighted with Moo … imagine … a wine bar in Ballinamore.

I was looking forward to watching the latin dancing … great stuff.

Then some of Ballinamore’s gorgeous women wandered in and the fun began …

So much chat and laughter you wouldn’t think we’d all caught up a few weeks ago in Moo for my birthday.

And as the laughter continued inside … the crowd listened to a band outside … people wandered the streets from bar to bar.

And here’s a sight I thought I’d never see … Adrian dancing … pretty good moves mate.

And here he is again with Sheila … and that’s after he said he was going home.

And again … with more of the fab girls.

That’ s Anita and Ann.

Speaking of Anita … happy birthday fellow Leo.

The crowd was mighty in Moo … and there was more dancing … that’s Anita with the dance instructor.

Maggie and I had a great chat about our dogs and their wonderfullness (yup … it is a word).

Here’s Maggie with Maria … Anita’s sister.

Did you know that Maria is blessed with 3 Leo siblings … you lucky girl ya.

Moo was packed with people chatting and greeting each other … fab fun.

And instead of going home straight from Moo … I went up to Priors with some of the women … having too much fun.

I got to bed around 3ish and am proud that I’m up and doing this blog … instead of sleeping in.

Sure … there’s the rest of the day to sleep.

I’m not out at night again until Thursday’s Ladies night in Moo.

Girls … you’d better get their early as it seems like every woman in town will be there.

It’s soggy outside and I hope they don’t have to cancel tomorrows ag show … it’s Coco’s debut.

My shining star of a dog now fetches the ball … sits and stays when asked … is house trained … and writes her own blog.

The last is a slight exaggeration … but give her a few months and I wouldn’t be surprised.

Right now she’s sleeping nearly on top of me (in that funny upside down way with legs in the air) as I type this blog in bed.

Someone offered to buy Coco yesterday.

Yeh … over my dead body … and Maggies.

By the way … Derek and Lynda …we missed you last night and people were asking after you both.

Right … I’m off for a nap …

Have a great day.


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an irish litter bin – bruscar (bin).

Let’s see … sick in bed for 3 days … did years accounts … walked Coco yesterday for 2 hours … mad busy today … sipping white wine right now … oh yeh … wrote about 5 posts for the blog and resized/uploaded photos

And … trained Coco … fed Coco … washed linen Coco had peed on … loved Coco … big hugs to Lynda for walking Coco 2 days in a row (you’re a star).

On my walk with Coco yesterday we went to the Lock 5 walk where she can run free … see her run

So funny watching her gangly legs get in her way as she thumped along the lane … and she comes back to my call now.

And dear reader … this is a traffic jam in Leitrim.

Yeh … tough life

And as I took Coco out at 2am and 3 am and 5 am on some nights …I just looked up at the sky … no clouds and full of stars.

Leitrim is one of the least polluted (particularly light pollution) Counties in Ireland … so star gazing makes your heart sing.

Before the Famine Leitrim had a population of 150,000 … we have now got the highest population since the Famine … about 29,000 people.

We are the least populated County in Ireland per square whatever…

Today was busy for me … up a few times to let Coco out.

Morning visit to Maggie in Smyths Shop … saw some nice new souvenirs there today … very stylish salt and pepper shakers …and gorgeous crystal.

By the by … did I see Greg Smyth trying to walk Maggies mum into the traffic? … while he was pretending to walk her across the road?

Always watch the quiet ones.

After Maggie … I went to the Credit Union and got chatting to my ‘teller’ … you can do that here.

She is Mum to Niall … who did the photoshoot for the Moo Bar Sex and the Country Ladies night next Thursday … and his girlfriend Lisa was one of the models.

Anyway … she told me she went on the walk I had recommended to Lock 5 and the hikers walk … and walked … and walked … and …

Got home and collapsed with the dog.

I told her that I just walk for about 30 minutes and then walk back … not the whole miles and miles.

Bought a pile of fruit and vege from the truck in front of my cottage.

Got a tray of tomatoes … want to make some passata over the weekend for me and the neighbours.

Then I had a meeting with Brent in Moo.

We are working to develop the Experience Leitrim programme for April 2009. Some good ideas and a lot more to do.

Then Miriam from Eirbyte came into Moo for our meeting.

We recently decided to meet every 6 weeks to ‘make’ each other do our accounts … talk about our businesses … support each other … have a laugh … have a great bagel …

I love acronyms and we liked the one I developed … WEB … women entrepreneur buddies.

So … if there are women running their own businesses … find a buddy …and go to Moo for a fun lunch meeting.

And no … I have no wish to organise any kind of WEB … I’m allergic to formalised groups.

I’m all for the motto … small but perfectly formed.

Then it was time for the Sunny Funny Garden ... and the sun was shining … at last.

Maeve and I thought it would be a good idea to fix her Grandma Therese’s window box … and plant another big planter … and we wanted to make some planters as a gift to Derek and Lynda.

Did all that and ate chocolate … life is good.

Maeve and Eoin and me worked away on the land behind Derek and Lynda’s cottage … that’s where the sun was.

Maeve said to me…

‘ This all sounds hard but making up window boxes isn’t that hard.’

I love watching the kids build their skills and confidence.

And then we placed the finished planters in their new homes.

My window boxes and planters are looking great.

And then I popped down to get some wine and chocolate … and sorted photos and am now writing this post.

Also took a photo of 2 of my favourite people – Eoin and his Grandma … my wonderful neighbour and friend … Theresa.

So … goodnight dear reader … have a great weekend.

The Festival starts over the weekend.

And … the posters for the Sex and the Country Ladies Night @ Moo will be around town tomorrow.

I had a preview and they are fab … will post the poster next week.



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