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Wednesday already?

Not sure where the time is going … did a tender for some work … editing a workbook for an Oz mate … helping an artist friend set up a blog to showcase his work … went with Gabriel to photograph a few new cottages … Mags cut and coloured my hair and did a fab job … playing with Coco … talked to one of my brothers … chatted to my Pa via vidcam … read a few books … had a lovely chat with Trina …


turf stacked … and you can see the turf wall in the background


turf is then covered in reeds that grow by the road side

One of the cottages that I photographed for Gabriels Irish Cottages for Sale site is right beside a gorgeous river … big trees overhanging … a little bridge.


P1070139 P1070140 P1070138

I’d love to live by water and if I had a car I wouldn’t mind being isolated … I love my own company … and Coco’s … as long as I can get broadband … I’m happy.

Tomorrow Mags and I are having a party for all our dogs to celebrate the anniversary of Coco turning up … she was abandoned down a lane here and Mags saved her … and I got to keep her.



what you doing mum

liz and coco

I can see all the people who don’t own dogs rolling their eyes … yup … I can hear you saying ‘mad women … they’re only dogs’

Wash your mouth!

My Coco is a big bundle of pretty much unadulterated love and happiness … and I don’t think even a zen monk can be in the moment quite like a dog.


So tomorrow Mags and I are having a party.

I had my first babysitting job last Sunday and got to play with Zoe Priors Harry … dote child.

Zoe’s sister got married on Saturday and it’s a tradition in this town to party over about 3 days … and they did.

At the same time I also looked after Elaine’s 10 day old son and 4 year old daughter … both wonderful children.

Gee … newborns are … very very small. He just slept and woke a few times so I gave him his bottle and back to sleep he went.

I really enjoyed spending time with the kids (I can still hear Harry’s chuckling as I read them a book where we had to yell ” He’s behind you!!’ … big bad wolf.).

More editing to do tomorrow and of course … Coco’s party.

Hope your week is going well.



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Has it been a week since I last blogged?

Last week just seemed to fly by and the weekend ended up being particularly busy.

On Saturday I had the Blog Design Workshop.

Many thanks to Jane in Shaylyn for the idea and the space … and much thanks to Laura on Saturday for all your help setting up.

We had the usual technical hitches setting up and had to change rooms … this all happened before the participants showed up … so it looked like all was perfectly organised.

This was my first blog design workshop and I wondered if I’d get through all the material … I did … and everyone left with a newly designed blog.

I really enjoyed it and I’ll let Pam (another blogger , friend and participant at the workshop) tell you what she thought of it all.

There’s Paul (Pams husband) and me chatting before the workshop started.

It was a wonderful relaxed and informative workshop -with Liz teaching us how to blog via WordPress.com (yeah, I know I can already blog via Typepad but I needed one that is free to use for work and Paul knew nothing!)

We were joined by father and son team – Phil and Dennis,  from the new Kidscafé Youth Centre, Ballinamore, and we all learned how to set up (and indeed we did set up) a blog each! Liz is a deadly teacher and made it all so easy and answered all our questions. Well done Liz and thanks for a super afternoon. We learned loads and will be sharing it all with our students come September. Thank you!

On Sunday I was up at 8am and took Coco for a walk … she saw 2 sheep loose and ran to say hello … much to their delight … not!

I called her back … and she came … good Coco.

I was relaxing in the afternoon reading the papers when my good friend Anna Legge dropped over and said she was taking me to lunch at the Mountain Tavern … past Aughnashellin … yup … up the  mountain.


I laughed because every time Anna has me in the car and we go to the Tavern for food … it’s been shut.

I actually refused to get out of the car when we got there … and told Anna that it would be shut.

She said ‘wanna bet?’

‘Sure’ says I ‘ A million euro’

So … now I owe an extra million euro to my expenses!


We had a lovely lunch … all organic and I’m pretty sure all the vegetables and salad are from their polytunnel next to the tavern.

After lunch Anna decided it was time for one of her Mystery Drives along the back roads of Leitrim.


I love them as we end up seeing places and landscape that I’ve never seen before … and this drive was no exception.

We stopped at the waterfall and it was running very fast for the summer … but then we have had some big rain.


It is always beautiful.

Here are some shots … can’t you just imagine yourself relaxing there?







Anna then took us to a pub that still has its front grocery shop … it was in Ballinagleara  … and we stopped to read more papers.


We then spent hours wandering the back roads … getting to dead ends … reversing back on tiny roads so tractors could get by … trying to herd a donkey …

Yes … you heard right.


these are the safe … off the road donkeys


we obviously needed Mags … animal whisperer … along

We came across a donkey that had escaped it’s grazing … I tried to coax it back … but it ignored me completely.

As we went higher the views just make you so happy.


We ended up at another waterfall …



yes folks … we travelled the country side


…. and I was interested to see the turf cut and stacked on the mountain.



Anna dropped me home at 9pm … a lovely day thanks Anna.

At 11.30pm that night I was interviewed by Paul (on 1105-107FM in Dublin).

Marie Bradley had mentioned me to Paul as an interesting person to interview … thanks Marie.

We had a lovely chat for about 20 minutes about:

  • Life Dreaming … the free workbook … and the whole package that Marc and I are developing to launch in late 2009
  • LizBiz and blogging … I raved about how much I love living in Ballinamore and Leitrim … and how I have so many lovely readers all over the world … thanks folks.
  • Why I came to Ireland
  • Surviving and thriving in the recession … I told him about how I’m bartering my skills and time for things like massage (thanks Marie you are the best masseur) and coal and stuff. I also said that with my consultancy business being so badly affected … I was really taking time to look at all my skills and how they might make money … more on that later.

It was great fun … I had let people know fairly late on Facebook that I was doing the interview … and Derek and Lynda streamed it live in America ... gotta love social media folks.

Surviving and thriving in the recession

It’s a challenge ... no doubt about it.

And an opportunity.


Friends have been great at helping me brainstorm a pile of ideas:

  • I’m available to babysit over the summer period … particularly the Festival. You know I love kids … and even better … they like me. Ring me on 9645443 if you want me to sit on your children!
  • I’m going to see if I can do some more Blog Design workshops in Carrick and Dublin.
  • Sending some information to the Cavan and Leitrim VEC’s about the training I do
  • Developing a Training Info Pack and sending it to some national charities
  • Still sending in tenders for work … I have 2 or 3 to do this week
  • Have applied for social welfare while money from the consultancy is non existent
  • Can develop peoples resumes and help them name and define their skills
  • Will develop and design a blog for a family, business or community group/club
  • Can walk dogs … or maybe they walk me!
  • Continuing to develop Life Dreaming and SKIL2 with Marc ... that will have long term payoff
  • Can teach swimming … I used to teach swimming for people aged between 4 and 60+ … I can also help ‘fix’ people swimming styles so it’s easier to move through the water.
  • Still available to barter my skills and time for … other skills and products
  • If you’re a business then I can help streamline work processes and help you think strategically about the future.

Not a bad list off the top of my head.

See … what I ‘ve realised is that it’s easy to get into a rutto only see yourself in a certain way.

Not having contracts for my consultancy has forced me (because it’s often external circumstances that start change in our lives) to relook at myself and what I can offer … and … it’s starting to be fun to think of new ways of earning money.

My Dad said to me many many years ago when I was a girl

‘ I don’t really care what work you choose to do … as long as you do the best you can. If you want to be a hole digger … then dig the best hole’

He’s a wise man is my Pa.

Every job I’ve every had … from cleaning peoples houses … to tending bars … to developing a major training plan for St Vincent de Paul Ireland … I’ve given it my best … and always enjoyed the people in the process.

Now … the bills and debts haven’t gone away … they are actually growing.

What I know is this … I am doing everything within my power to earn money and reduce expenses … and stay happy and content in the process.


All the things that are outside my power … I give up to the Universe … or the deity of your choosing.

In the Life Dreaming Treasure Chest that Marc and I are designing … I have created a Resource Wheel … which is pretty darn useful to me at the moment.

I took it out yesterday and had a look at what I was using and what I needed to draw on … was very pleased to se how many internal and external resources I was using … I really do use all the tools I create for Life Dreaming.

It acted as a kind of checklist … just in case I had missed anything.


what you see when you look at things differently

So this week I keep developing ideas and ways to earn money as well as spend time with friends … write this blog … and walk Coco.

I send you big wishes for abundance and prosperity this week.




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It’s Thursday and all day I’ve kept thinking it was Friday … cool … another day to do some SKIL2 work.

I posted my work To Do list at the beginning of the week and I’ve achieved about 90% of it … plus all the extra stuff that comes along.


Life Dreaming got the short straw so I have designated all next week as Life Dreaming Week … much to my brother Marc’s (and business partner) relief … that boy can nag ever so gently… even when he’s travelling through the US.

SKIL2 has meanwhile bounded along … I’ve been doing up a pile of notes from the two 3 hour meetings that the Depaul Ireland SKIL2 Team have had (with me as Chair) … heaps of great stuff.

I’m also typing up notes I wrote for a SKIL2 information pack … which Marc will make fab with his genius design touch.


And … I created an invitation only Group on my SKIL2 network for my Depaul SKIL2 Team. The rest of the areas on the network are open to anyone.

This will be the space where we email … upload and share files … chat about ideas … and generally develop SKIL2 between meetings.

It’s the first time for some Team members to participate in an online network (other than Facebook) so I’ll be interested to get peoples feedback.

I think it’s miles better than just email.

And … I’ve taken Coco on 2 one hour walks a day since Tuesday … we both enjoy it.


Yesterday we got caught in a quick rainstorm (what? rain in Ireland in summer … how unusual … not) and I happily sheltered under a tree.

Coco went and checked that the sheep were ok.

It’s 3 days now and she still comes back and lies down like a trained sheep dog when I call ‘ Back Here’ … it worked even when she was chasing a rabbit today.


So proud of her.

See how she goes into the point position?


We had a lovely sunny morning walk today and I love seeing how the light comes through the trees … it makes it kind of magical.



When we were walking along Coco spied a pigeon … who tried to quietly sidle away … pigeon not Coco.


And … all the plans for healthy eating have been met … not a chip … chocolate … cake … take away … alcoholic beverage … has passed my lips since Friday.

It’s all healthy and about 2 litres of water a day … I’ll have to do something crazy soon as all this clean living is OTT for me.

And there’s always something that puts our lives in perspective.

Someone I love very much has been going through a very hard time … and this week we spent hours emailing back and forth … listening and sharing and just being there. They are feeling much better than at the beginning of the week and also realise there’s a way to go … pretty much a life time.


I’m so proud of them … it takes immense courage to say you need help … that your life is really unhappy … and that you want to create a better life for yourself.

And it takes even more courage to start taking the small steps to connect to your own power … to really reflect on the habits, patterns and pain that you want to change … to speak your own truth … and worry less about what other people think … to make some real choices about who you want to be and how you want to live your life.

I stopped being a good girl about 20 years ago and as a result I am really happy and content most of the time.

I visit the Sunny Funny Garden every day and it’s getting a kind of Secret Garden look about it. If the sun shines over the weekend I’m going in to do some weeding.


Anyway dear reader … I hope your week has gone well.

I’m off to walk Coco again.



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A gorgeous day so far … sun is beaming down on everyone.

I took Coco for a walk and we smiled and said hello to everyone (we do that rain or shine) as we walked down the main street … nice to see all the visitors in town.

We stopped at the canal basin to admire the bridge and look at the boats that were moored overnight … imagine drifting along in the sunshine today … bliss on a stick.



Then we wandered down the road to the water works … my legs are still sore from the cycle ride to Riversdale last week … pathetic!

Coco once again went to say hello to the sheep and was puzzled why they don’t come over and play.


I think the sheep are all standing there looking at Coco and thinking ‘ yeh right … we’re sheep …  but we’re not that stupid … no way do we want to play with the big Not Sheep‘.


[Obviously sheep do not have an extensive vocabulary of names for other animals … so everything that isn’t a sheep is a ‘Not Sheep’]

Coco doesn’t even bark … she just stands there smiling.

As Coco ran back and forth smelling and checking things out … I continued my wee exercise of looking at the detail in the landscape … seeing the small things that we usually miss as we scan the big picture.


Love all the flowers …




and even looking at a single fern amidst all the other ferns … is kind of nice.


As Coco ran back and forth I tried a new way to encourage her to come back to me … I stood still and called ‘ back here’ … and as she came back I raised my hand in the stay signal and then pointed my finger down and said ‘Sit … Stay’.

To my utter amazement … she did it … and stayed.


clever Coco

I let her sit for about 3 or 4 seconds and then said ‘go play’ … which she was happy to do.

I think we are growing up a bit together.

I saw the meadow full of flowers and wanted to get a closer shot … so climbed a wee rise … and put my hand in some sheep poo … lovely … and got the shot.


And as we walked along I saw a barge floating down the canal.


I bless every day that I live here in Ballinamore … there is beauty everywhere … if you stop and look.

Coco kept running and I enjoyed all the flowers snuggled into the ferns.



I was thinking about when I gave blood yesterday … fear is an interesting beast … it can freeze you … and it can make you bold … motivate you to move forward.

I’m (and my family) are really afraid of needles  … and … I decided that giving blood beat my fear of needles.

Having said that … my heart was racing when I went to the donor centre in our Community Centre … I went there as soon as the doors opened.

It takes a wee while to fill out forms … and get asked questions and have your finger pricked to check your ok … and all the while I’m trying not to think about the needle.

I get escorted to the donor area … I think I may have looked like I was going to bolt … and they check my blood pressure … all fine.

Another nurse comes over and they have trouble finding the veins in both my arms … my heart starts to race as this usually means that they have to move the needle back and forth between my arms … scarey.

I explained my fear of needles and how the last time I went to donate they jabbed the needle into a muscle … yup … I have good reason to fear the bloody things.

Anyway … they found a vein and I looked away with my eyes shut … trying to relax and breathe … and they put the needle in … and it stings.

I kept my eyes shut as I got used to the needle being there … and the  nurse asked me if I was ok … I couldn’t speak as tears of relief were wandering down my cheeks … I just looked at her an nodded.

They were really sweet and said I was very brave for giving blood even though I was soooooo scared.

All done … and thank goodness I don’t have to give blood again for 4 months.

All the staff there are dotes and seem to be on the road a lot … often away from home for weeks on end.

After I finish writing this blog post  I’m focusing on my lovely long To Do list … this is a week of focusing on the details.


I did my fab mind map yesterday to give me a sense of what was a priority … and because I love ticking things off when they get done.



delighted to see what I’ve already done  … and it’s only 11.30am.

  • walk Coco – √ done... may do another walk if the sun stays out
  • take pictures … upload & resize – √ done.
  • write blog post … √ done.
  • email my wonderful sis … √ done.
  • type up SKIL2 info pack I wrote on the train
  • clean kitchen … part of my One Room a Day campaign
  • write brothers birthday cards and post them … √ done.
  • go say hi to Mags
  • drink a litre of water … √ done.… and will drink another before the day is out
  • say hi to Dee … √ done.
  • do up window boxes … today or tomorrow
  • prepare dinner … lovely baked chicken breasts covered in yoghurt and have with coleslaw I made yesterday
  • do one hour of Scribus (open source design software) learning

That should do it … and I’ll find time to loll in the sun … wearing SPF 40.

Hope you have a great day.




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I took Coco for a 1 hour walk yesterday to one of our favourite places … the meadow at the back of the convent … one of the few places close to town where she can safely run around.


you can see the canal from the meadow

I decided that I wanted to take photos of the small features of the landscape … get really close up.


It got me thinking about how important it is to see the forest and the trees and the leaves … in my work and life.

The forest for me are the core values that drive everything I do and am … the larger landscape and vision I have for my life.


The trees are the dreams I have for the next few years … SKIL2 … Life Dreaming … getting fit and healthy … being a part of Ballinamore … seeing my family in Singapore & Oz … leasing land to build my own natural build home … go to Paris etc etc


The leaves are the day to day … week by week … activities that move me towards the dreams … the myriad details that need to be done and researched and organised.

Quite literally … the blades of grass … the grains of sand.


This week is a Leaves Week for my work… lots of details … lots of learning … lots of discipline (in a fun kind of way) … steady and consistent progress and work on … SKIL2 & Life Dreaming & getting Fit and Fab.

And when I feel exasperated and too caught up in the leaves (I call it the trenches) … I’ll sit back … take a few deep breathes … and remember why I am developing the two social enterprises (Trees) … what I hope to achieve with them globally (Forest).

It all links and you need to create and reflect and plan and action on all three levels … or you’ll just get really confused and frustrated.


There’s no point in imagining a great forest (values) and trees (dreams) … if you aren’t prepared to deal with the leaves (the actual work of making it happen).


And … there is nothing more frustrating than getting caught up in the day to day actions of life (leaves) … if you have no real idea of what your dreams (trees) and values (forest) are.

That’s what I started thinking as I was taking all the close up photos … yup … I’ve got a brain that doesn’t stop.


Coco meanwhile was being Zen Dog … and just being in the moment.


I think her forest, trees and leaves are all the same thing.

If this was my default expression and feeling … I’d be a very happy person.


I sat in the meadow enjoying looking at the detail of everything … the small things … and then looking up as Coco came gamboling straight at me with a stick.


She had a great time and so did I … win win … and … she came back when I called her … good Coco.



We bought 2 ice creams and gave one to Dee in the Forge … Coco loves visiting her.

Now it’s Monday … and I’m off to immerse myself in a pile of SKIL2, Life Dreaming & Getting Fit and Fab … Leaves.

Have a great week.




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sun shines on Main Street Ballinamore

After listening to my dear readers suggestions yesterday … I made a hot toddy or two (thanks Mags for the brandy … great  neighbour) … took my flu tablets … and pretty much crashed last night.

It was one of those nights full of strange dreams and lots of wakefullness.

Was up to take Coco out at 8am and then read an email from brother Marc suggesting I take some fresh air … I think it was in response to a mad email the poor man received from me yesterday ranting on about blah blah life and blah blah feeling crapblah blah what’s the point … blah blah


The bridge into town

Took Coco for a walk to the water treatment centre … it’s closer than Lock 5 and I’m still feeling a little under the weather.

Morning light is really wonderful and Coco was just delighted to be off the lead.


Thankfully the whole walk is fenced in so she can’t go and say hello to the sheep … they looked very relieved.


The whistle that Ann gave me works to the point that Coco will run back to me … but not close enough to get caught.


We came home and Miriam rang to ask if I wanted to go get some groceries in Enniskillen.

Now folks … I know I talk about shopping local … but when prices and VAT are soooooo much lower in the North … then I have to shop there as I have very little money … and I’d like to be able to eat over the next month.

I have no new contracts and the small amount of money I have in the credit union has to last me a few months until I get some new work.


The sun shone and the drive was a delight … lots of white thorn bushes and gorse and yellow flowers in the meadows.

I love living in this area.


Home now and I’m working on an information sheet that I’m sending to a pile of non profits in Dublin about my services. I hope it’ll attract some work.

I’m back in Dublin next week for another Depaul SKIL2 meeting and will be typing up a few more Life Dreaming modules this week … Marc didn’t even have to nag!

Will be feeling so much better tomorrow.



Stop Press …. Additional News … Help a badly hurt Pup

I was just reading the Cavan Echo and there’s a story about a puppy that would break your heart.

Someone threw a puppy (Mags … we’ll hunt them down) out of a car window at a speed of 40 miles an hour near Carrickmacross on the Cavan border.

The lady travelling behind stopped and took the pup (Torvil) to the  Carrick Shelter at Lisdoonan.

The puppy is 7 weeks old and has a badly broken thigh bone.

The cost of the operation and other expenses will run to 700 euro and the Shelter is asking people to donate 20 euro (or whatever you can give) to help.

Anyone who wants to help can make a donation at AIB Bank account number 06670056 sort code 932035.

You all know that I have very little money … and … first thing in the morning I’ll be at the front door of the AIB with at least 10 euro.

And the bad karma that the person who threw Torvill out the car window will be receiving? … very very very very very bad … be afraid …


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The Easter weekend is nearly over and it’s been a busy one.

Just back off the mountain on Thursday.


It was a great break. Many thanks to Pam for the lovely cottage.


The view from the mountain was lovely when the sun shone … and even when it rained.




Thanks to William for dropping me up to the cottage … Dee for picking me up … and Mags for taking me back to do a few extra things before Pam and Paul went there.

I let Coco run around for a while but she kept going down the road … and I can’t seem to train her to come back and stay.


So … next solution was to tie her to a long long clothes line.


Coco thought she was in dog heaven and spent the next days outside sniffing God knows what … and … sitting staring at the birds.





When it rained I brought her inside and she just sat by the window and  … looked at the birds.


I gave myself Monday off and just lolled … reading books and drinking cups of tea.

On Tuesday I did about5 hours of Life Dreaming course design and development … and had a great time.

Miriam dropped over and took me for a quick drive further up the mountain to her place … the views are amazing … you can see into the next county and all of Ballinamore.

Wednesday was a great day for Life Dreaming work … I was just in the FLOW.


My brother Marc wrote a post yesterday that talks about the science of happiness and this scientist has identified 7 factors that let you know if your in the Flow:

1.You’re completely involved in what you’re doing, focused, concentrated
2. You feel a sense of ecstacy
3. You experience great inner clarity, knowing what needs to be done and how you are doing
4. You know that the activity is doable
5. You have a sense of serenity, a feeling of growing beyond the boundaries of ego
6. There’s timelessness, you’re thoroughly focused on the present and hours seem to go by in minutes
7. Your motivation is intrinsic, the activities producing the flow are their own reward

Another wonderful writer and researcher … Joseph Campbell … talked about being in your Bliss … having a feeling that you are living the life you truly want … where your values and actions are congruent.

For something like 12 hours I felt totally connected to what I was developing … ideas literally flowed … time became malleable … I felt fantastic … it all was so much fun … and a global Life Dreaming course seemed suddenly doable.




The ‘work’ I did that day will form the core of the Life Dreaming course and I’m just thrilled with it all.

An interesting side effect of developing all these Life Dreaming tools and activities is that I  was ‘doing’ them as I created them.

I realised that for a few weeks I’d had a feeling of low level irritation with something in my life … and if I hadn’t stopped and asked myself what it was all about … I could easily have thought that it was my life that was the cause of the irritation … and then made some big (and unnecessary) decisions.

It pays to give yourself reflection time or you can end up making decisions based on the wrong issues.

I took some time during that day (actually it took about 5 minutes) to find out what was causing me to choose to feel that way.

It wasn’t any of the big life things … you know them … am I living my values? … am I being creative? … what is love? blah blah blah

It was actually a few small things that I can really easily sort out … and they are all a result of my procrastination … too lazy or too busy or … and it’s all within my power to change … that’s the best thing about it all.


I sat and mindmapped what was bothering me … and worked out some clear and practical actions … and then some rewards.


My dear reader … sometimes our lives are pretty damn great … and it’s the little things that are well in our control (that we avoid or ignore) that we just need to focus on.

For me … the biggest irritation was how messy and untidy my cottage had gotten (all my own work folks!) …  it will be totally decluttered and cleaned within the next week and my rewards will include:

  • making a shelf for my spices and oils and cooking stuff
  • painting the bathroom and kitchen
  • buying or bartering for a comfy office chair
  • making 2 throws for the couches
  • flowers in the bedroom

When I got back to Ballinamore it felt a little discombobulating … the noise and activity felt very loud after the quiet of the previous 4 days.

And it just got very busy … all good stuff.

The biggest and best thing was that I learnt more woodwork.

My Dad has taught me quite a bit on my last 2 visits back to Oz and I always love spending time making things with him.

My neighbour William offered to teach me and I was happy to be the apprentice.


I call him William Yoda.


Over about 3 hours we built a lovely shelf to hold my spices and jars and coffee cups.

Yeh … it is one of my rewards and no … I haven’t finished cleaning the cottage.

One of my mottos is … reward before … during … and after efforts.

So …the shelf will be my delightful reward as I clean the kitchen tomorrow.

[upate … after I wrote this post I decided to just get going and totally blitz the kitchen. It took about 3 hours and now it looks fantastic … I can actually let people in to see it without wanting to scream. So … it’s all ready for my shelf that William & I will put up tomorrow … good Lizzy. Think I’ll start in my bedroom tomorrow]

We started with some white deal wood … and I got to use a load of power tools and drills … all done safely.


I got to use this tool and do some free form curves to the base of the shelving … really liked this tool.


I love this saw … makes a heap of noise and really does the job. I sawed lots of the shelf wood … great fun.


William did the routing as the tool is really heavy and I was getting tired.



Ella dog is so used to all the noise she fell asleep under the work bench and got covered in wood shavings!


And the smell of the wood shavings is intoxicating … like a perfume.

With Williams invaluable help I made this shelf.


We need to stain it and then hang it … but it’s lovely isn’t it?

I’m really proud and delighted with myself as I learn a new skill.

I’ve wanted to learn woodwork for over 20 years … and now I can with William Yoda.

I’m having a nice quiet Monday. Might start on the kitchen cleaning.

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and it’s lovely to be back blogging.

And no (in answer to you question) … I didn’t miss phones or being online.

It’s good to be back tho.



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